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Minna Relax Studio

Massage therapies

Pampering the body and the soul

Relaxation, rehabilitation, recreation

  • Integrated joint mobilization (Sports Manual therapy SMT®)
  • Couples massage
  • Aroma Touch Technique
  • Exotic cinnamon oil massage
  • Refreshing massage
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Honey massage
  • Minna cocktail
  • Relax massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Massage with grape seed oil
  • Thai massage
  • Meridian massage
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Medicative massages, treatments

  • Aroma Touch Technique 60 min 10.200 Ft
  • Full body + foot massage 90 min 10.900 Ft
  • Hot lava stone massage 90 min 12.500 Ft
  • Kneading (for athletes) 30 min   6.125 Ft
  • Back massage with cupping 30 min   5.200 Ft
  • Immune strengthening aromatherapy massage 60 min 10.200 Ft
  • Office chair massage According to agreement
  • Muscle relaxation 20 min   4.400 Ft
  • Lymphatic massage 60 min 10.500 Ft
  • Minna cocktail 125 min 15.000 Ft
  • Lymphatic massage (partial) 30 min   5.800 Ft
  • Russian-Tibetan honey massage 40 min   8.200 Ft
  • Relax head massage with energetic treatment 20 min   3.200 Ft
  • Swedish massage 60 min   7.000 Ft
  • Swedish massage with joint mobilization 90 min   9.000 Ft
  • Swedish massage (partial) 30 min   5.000 Ft 
  • Spiritual massage 60 min   10.500 Ft
  • SMI, FDM, Visceral, Vacuum, Neuro, etc. Occasionally   9.600 Ft
  • Dorn therapy Occasionally   9.600 Ft
  • Foot massage and reflexology assessment 60 min   8.500 Ft
  • Thai massage 60 min   8.500 Ft / 90 min   11.500 Ft

Beauty massages, treatments

  • Bounty massage (chocolate massage) 90 min   11.500 Ft
  • Cellulite massage 30 min   5.500 Ft
  • with vacuum treatment and body wrapping 60 min   8.800 Ft
  • Refreshing massage 30 min   4.800 Ft
  • 60 min   6.800 Ft
  • Slimming, firming 30 min   5.500 Ft
  • Immune-boosting, hydrating, firming salt massage 90 min   10.500 Ft
  • Anti-wrinkle facial treatment 30 min   5.300 Ft
  • Relax massage 60 min   7.800 Ft
  • Cell renewal, moisturizing massage 60 min   8.900 Ft
  • Wiener therapy 90 min 10.900 Ft

Aroma Touch Technique

Aroma Touch Technique, natural physical and mental healing!

If you want to relax, don’t miss it!

Do Terra (Gift of the Earth) is a CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Class essential oil, recognized as the oil with the highest level of therapeutic effect in the world, thus playing a leading role in positive health care alternatives. DoTerra’s conviction is the conscious use of high-quality essential oils to solve everyday health problems. In this philosophy, AROMA TOUCH TECHNIQUE, developed by Dr. David Hill, is a method that is available to all beginners and professionals. By using it, the beneficial effect of the oils is maximized. 

The technique was designed to address four physical constants:

  • stress
  • the presence of toxins
  • inflammation response (inflammation is a chain reaction based response of the immune system to an infection or irritation)
  • vegetative imbalance

Recognizing that these are the most common underlying factors of the diseases of the body, the Aroma Touch Technique was developed to treat them and restore the state of balance and homeostasis of the body. 

The steps of the treatment and the doTerra CPTG essential oils used for it:

1 Stress treatment:

Used oils:

Balance essential oil blend: This patented oil blend is a mixture of spruce, rosewood, frankincense, and blue tansy, which creates a sense of comfort from the soothing effects of warm woody and earthy scent on the central nervous system, reassures and facilitates the development of a state of balance in the various systems of the body.

Lavender: brings relief and facilitates relaxation. Its calming and mood-enhancing effect on the body makes it perfect. 

2 Immune support

Used oils:

Tea tree essential oil: supports the immune system and helps the body return to a state of homeostasis through its antibacterial, germicidal, and cleansing properties.

On Guard essential oil mixture: The combined effect of wild orange, cloves, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary gives On Guard its immune-boosting effect. It has a velvety scent, sweet, spicy notes, and a hint of citrus. It is a scientifically proven fact that citrus oils can defeat bacteria, viruses, and mold the most effectively.

3 Improving blood circulation

Used oils:

Aromatouch essential oil mixture: its ingredients are cypress, marjoram, basil, lavender, and grapefruit, they are used to soothe tissue irritations and improve blood circulation. It helps to heal muscle pains and joints and relieves tension and spasms.

Deep Blue essential oil is used to relieve muscle pain and other physical symptoms. It can only be applied to the skin. Deep Blue is an effective treatment for inflammation due to its special constituent elements, such as wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, blue tansy, blue chamomile, helichrysum, and Osmanthus.

4 Homeostasis

Used oils:

Wild orange and peppermint essential oil: wild orange raises the critical antioxidant level known as glutathione and thus strengthens the immune defenses. Peppermint relieves discomfort and gives a pleasant, cooling sensation. A very versatile, valuable oil.

The treatment is performed on the back, soles, and hands.

The duration of treatment is approx. 80 minutes.

Meridian massage

A massage technique has been developed and improved in Chine over many centuries; it stimulates the meridian points and facilitates the free flow of the energies in the body.

Each of our organs has a meridian line in which energy circulates. If there is a deposition or an obstruction on this line, the corresponding area does not receive enough energy, and sooner or later, it causes changes in the physical body as well.

Everyday stress, mental difficulties, and improper nutrition favor these adverse processes.

During the meridian massage, we work along the energy lines which cover our body. This massage technique directly affects the energy lines, which is why it quickly and effectively relieves our health problems. It dissolves energy blocks and restores the natural balance of the body.

Bounty massage

The bounty treatment is an endorphin miracle!

This luxury treatment for connoisseurs consists of three major parts: body scrub, massage, and body mask (with wrapping).

1 First, we start with a body scrub with coconut oil and Himalayan crystal salt.

The miraculous coconut oil not only hydrates our skin but also – as it contains lauric acid and capric acid, which are responsible for the antioxidant, antimicrobial, fungicidal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects – it also plays an irreplaceable role in medicine.

It is just icing on the cake that due to its calming effect, it drives away stress, so it can be a great help in case of fatigue or a stressful period, and its antioxidant effect helps prevent premature aging and prevent diseases. 

The application of Himalayan salt (proven to contain 84 minerals and trace elements) is particularly recommended for the following problems: stress, regeneration, skin problems, cellulite, psoriasis, detoxification, purification, and face-lift.

2 Then we massage the entire body with delicate fragranced chocolate oil, using a relaxing technique.

Chocolate oil is energizing and has an anti-wrinkle effect, the caffeine in it stimulates the nervous system, fills it with energy, and accelerates metabolism.

3 The final step is a 20-minute, warm, thick chocolate massage wrap.

Its application helps to renew the skin, and intensively energizes and fills up the skin. A large amount of antioxidant polyphenols in chocolate binds and neutralizes the free radicals responsible for skin aging, and the caffeine has an energizing effect, accelerates metabolism, helps lipolysis, and reduces cellulite.

Chocolate, which has been considered an aphrodisiac for centuries, has an antioxidant effect, so it prevents damage to the cells and also slows down aging. In addition, it moistures and firms the skin, which at the same time makes it velvety smooth, and replaces the missing minerals. Due to its well-known endorphin-producing effect, chocolate helps the skin, the body, and the soul to become harmoniously recharged. The heavenly fragrance of chocolate can be felt for 14-16 hours, even after showering.

The Bounty massage is a deeply relaxing pampering, during which the body and the soul can relieve all the tension, toxins, and possible pain.

Bounty therapy is recommended for:

– dry, mature, aging skin

– cellulite

– high blood pressure, stress, nervousness, depression, fatigue, etc.

Hot lava stone massage

The beneficial, healing effect of hot stones has been recognized for over 3,000 years. Modern lava stone massage has evolved from this ancient knowledge. The power of hot stones and the heaving rhythm of the movements result in a unique, complete relaxation of the body.

Instead of massaging by hand, our studio works with a special igneous rock (basalt), which is a basic, fine-grained, dark-colored volcanic material. Mineral constituents: olivine, pyroxenes, plagioclase.

We apply a massage oil rich in active ingredients (almond, olive, coconut, grapefruit) to the heated polished stones and the body parts to be massaged, and then, taking into account the individual health problems, we select the appropriate aroma oil by which we can achieve an additional healing effect.

The application of hot stones (50-60 degrees) and the appropriate massage technique accelerates the flow of lymphatic fluid, blood circulation, and the self-cleansing processes of the body, relaxes the muscles, relieves muscle spasms, relieves pain, strengthens the connective tissue, has a strong detoxifying effect, improves renal excretion.

To increase the healing effect (in the case of 90-minute lava stone massages), we harmonize the functioning of the meridians with crystals, we energize the seven main chakras of the body with chakra stones at the end of the massage, and all this is crowned with an Indian head massage. The procedure known as Indian head massage uses elements of Shiatsu, traditional massage, and acupuncture. An average treatment takes 20 minutes. It has excellent stress and tension-relieving effect, stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the immune system, relaxes spasmodic and sore muscles, soothes, removes toxins from the cells, and brings fresh oxygen into the cells. It effectively treats headaches, migraines, and insomnia.

The hot lava stone massage is a miracle for both the body and the soul. It is recommended as a course, but even the first treatment results in an immediate effect.

It is not recommended in the following cases:

– fever

– infectious diseases

– cardiovascular diseases

– high blood pressure

– lung and breathing problems

– some liver and biliary diseases

– urinary, bowel, and intestinal problems

– malignant tumor

– in the last third of pregnancy

– during menstruation

– in all cases when heat therapy is not recommended


Petrissage is the strongest basic technique of Swedish massage. It is recommended for athletes and even sedentary guests who do little exercise and has a passive lifestyle.

We use it to relieve hypertonic muscle spasms, tone hypotonic and atrophied muscles, and regenerate tired muscles.

It has a beneficial effect on the deeper connective tissue and muscle layers. It mobilizes the connective tissue of the soft tissue. It relaxes the muscles, separates their stiff fibers, and increases their flexibility. It stimulates blood circulation and oxygen supply and increases metabolism.

As the blood supply to the muscles increases during petrissage, the removal of abnormal metabolites (lactic acid, inflammatory excreta), and the tension and feeling of pain decrease.

With the correct application of this technique, a hypertonic or hypotonic muscle can be influenced in the direction of the equilibrium state of the muscles.

Procedure: the muscle is lifted from its bony base, squeezed, and released back to its original position. There are areas where we cannot actually separate the muscle from its base, so we work on the skin and the underlying connective tissue by pressing it onto a bony base. Most of the back is like this.

Russian-Tibetan honey massage

Heal with a natural method, without harmful side effects.

This treatment, which can also be used as naturopathic therapy, has many beneficial effects and can be effectively used for many diseases and health problems, although it does not provide a traditional massage experience.

A powerful, slightly painful technique that uses the healing power of honey to cleanse and regenerate the body with the help of a specific vacuum technique.

During the massage, the blood flow increases, and the pores expand. This is a general reaction, it can be experienced with all types of massage, but it is of particular importance here, since the valuable nutrients of honey can easily enter into the upper and deeper layers of the skin. During the treatment, the toxins are brought to the surface, as a result of which the color of the honey changes completely.

The specific value of honey is that it has high sugar, mineral, vitamin, amino acid, protein, enzyme, and flavonoid content. Its high moisture content richly refills the missing water from the body. The vacuum reaction and the marvelous effect of honey amplify each other, accelerate the elimination of toxins from the body, refresh, nurture the skin, make it velvety and protect it. We also use it to enhance and maintain performance and general well-being. It makes the body contours more defined, firms the skin, and improves its elasticity.

Honey regulates, restores, and harmonizes the energy flow of the body.

It has a centuries-old tradition in Russian folk medicine as well as Tibetan-Chinese medicine.


– immune booster

– relieves tension, relaxes

– cough suppressant

– regulates blood pressure

– helps with sleep problems

– improves blood circulation

– eliminates gynecological problems

– a great help for those struggling with chronic fatigue and headaches

– rejuvenates skin

– excellent against cellulite

– detoxifying

– energizing

– relieves pain

– eases rheumatic problems

– relieves muscle spasms

– eliminates muscle adhesions

– reduces or eliminates neck, shoulder, and back pain

– also beneficial for joint problems

– anti-inflammatory

– excellent for respiratory problems and cold

– helps to eliminate abnormal adhesions of the connective tissue


– allergy to apiculture products

– skin diseases

– menstruation

– untreated, decompensated cardiovascular disease

– tumors

– traumatic condition

– inflammations

– varicose veins, thrombosis

– psychiatric treatment

– hemophilia, taking anticoagulants

– untreated high blood pressure, glaucoma

– hyperactivity of endocrine glands

– in the case of pregnancy, we only undertake the treatment after consultation with the doctor

– Consult your doctor in case of any chronic illness.

Cell renewal, moisturizing massage

This is a combination of regenerating skin treatment and a relaxing massage.

It helps remove dead skin cells, improves blood circulation, refills, moisturizes, makes our skin firmer, and provides complete relaxation, reducing the negative effects of stress.

During the treatment, we first perform an exfoliation: we massage the body with a fine, natural substance with granules, thereby helping to remove excess epidermal cells and preparing the skin for moisturizing.

It is followed by a relaxing massage, which is finished with a deeply nourishing moisturizing cream.

You can choose grape seed oil, almond shavings, or coconut oil – Himalayan crystal salt body scrub.

Immune-boost aromatherapy massage

Colds, coughs, viruses, bacteria. Does it look familiar? We help with prevention.

Our immune-boost aromatherapy massage

supports the healthy functioning of the defense apparatus of the body, stimulates the removal of toxins, helps the regeneration of cells and tissues, reduces the propensity for inflammation, and helps heal existing inflammation.

 We work with top-quality protective oil mix, the constituent essential oils which arm the immune system, as they have excellent bactericidal, viral, and fungicidal properties.

Office massage

We offer onsite office massages in Szeged.

The essence of the office massage:

The massage therapist performs a treatment on a mobile (portable) chair specially designed for massage purposes.

The massage can be performed practically anywhere (office, quiet corner, event, garage, dressing room).

 This type of massage is the most effective way to ensure that the employees of a company can always do their work fresh and relaxed, since:

– it greatly reduces the chance of spinal problems due to sedentary work

– it increases the ability to concentrate and the performance

– it improves blood supply and circulation

– it has a stress-relieving effect

– it creates a better sense of well-being at work and therefore has a team-building effect

– it reduces the number of days spent on sick-leave

 It only takes 15 to 30 minutes, is done in your own clothes, requires no preparation, and takes up minimal space.

The massage includes the treatment of the waist, back, shoulders, neck, head, arms, and hands.

Cellulite treatment

– Cellulite massage

– Coffee detox massage

– Paprika massage

– Vacuum treatment and body wrap

– Wiener therapy

– Russian-Tibetan honey massage

Slimming, firming

  • Cellulite massage
  • Slimming, firming massage
  • Coffee detox massage
  • Paprika massage
  • Cell renewal, moisturizing massage
  • Vacuum treatment and body wrap
  • Wiener therapy
  • Change of lifestyle, weight loss – consultation

Body peeling

  • Grape seed oil, almond body scrub
  • Body scrub with coconut oil and Himalayan crystal salt